Shekinah Haitian SDA Church

Join us at the Shekinah Haitian SDA Church, a warm hub of love, belief, and community situated in the very heart of Fort Worth, Texas. We believe in promoting the coming of Christ, fostering the growth of children and youth, through ministry, and encouraging weekly Bible study. Experience community, experience love, experience Shekinah.

Transform Your Spiritual Journey

Shekinah Haitian Church is a vibrant place of worship and a loving community committed to exemplifying the teachings of Christ. Our church thrives on our dynamic children’s ministry, youth ministry, and weekly Bible studies that bring our members closer to understanding His wisdom.

Church Leaders

Marc Vilmeus

Senior Pastor

Guy Jean-Louis

First Elder

Cyndy Joseph

Head Clerk

Church Ministry

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Weekly Bible Study

Each week, we bring God's word to the world with compassion and conviction. Nurturing enlightenment, inspiration, and spiritual growth. Join us today

Children Ministry

Taking a hands-on approach to impart Biblical teachings to young minds, our Children's Ministry offers lessons that are both engaging and enlightening.

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Music Ministry

Join us every Saturday for a soulful worship session, filled with melodious hymns and spiritual songs that uplift the spirit

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Health Ministry

Experience spirituality through health with our unique programs promoting the well-being of the body and mind.


Join us as we spread the word of God, diving into the truths and revelations of Biblical teachings.

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Community Service

We continually reach out to help the less fortunate in our society through charity drives and other initiatives.

Church Members

Where faith, family, and cultural connection come together

At Shekinah Haitian SDA Church, we provide heartfelt worship services rooted in Haitian culture and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. We gather to strengthen our faith, uplift each other, and serve our local community. Everyone is welcome here, and we look forward to welcoming you into our church family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Shekinah Haitian SDA Church follows the teachings of Seventh-day Adventism, emphasizing the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath, the imminent second coming of Jesus, and a holistic lifestyle.

To join, attend services, participate in Bible studies, and express a commitment to Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. Contact church leadership for specific steps, which may include baptism.

Shekinah Haitian SDA Church offers various educational resources, including Bible studies, seminars, and workshops. Check our announcements or contact the church for details on upcoming educational opportunities.